ABOUT CMEOnline.org

Our mission is to improve global health by advancing Angiogenesis-based medicine, diet, and lifestyle.

Our program philosophy is that patients can achieve increasingly better outcomes when the needs of different groups involved in both developing and delivering treatment are met. Through this process, we fund programs that achieve specific well-defined goals. We have recruited an internationally renowned faculty of leading medical experts to work with us in teaching physicians practicing in the community. Through a variety of accredited teaching methods, publications, lectures, symposia, and webcasts, the Foundation has educated a network of over 40,000 physicians about new treatments ranging from cancer care to wound care.

CME Online Program:
Developed and published by the Angiogenesis Foundation, the CME Online Program is a peer-reviewed professional, e-publication designed to give physicians and nurses state-of-the-art information and expert perspectives on late-breaking clinical data and new concepts on antiangiogenic cancer treatment and clinical trials. Its unique format incorporates clear and concisely written text and infographics. Striking digital 3-D illustrations highlight the steps of tumor angiogenesis at the organ, cell, and molecular level. Each issue features a roster of internationally renowned guest editors who are authorities on treating specific tumor types, such as colorectal, lung, kidney, liver, breast, brain and other cancers. Targeting Tumor Angiogenesis is a convenient way for busy clinicians to keep up with the antiangiogenic field and learn practical information in a timely fashion. It is adapted for digital and print delivery for effective, rapid learning in clinics, classrooms, office, and during travel, and is distributed nationally to over 11,000 oncology professionals. Boston University School of Medicine accredits and provides CME credits for each issue. Read Current CME Online ePublications

The Angiogenesis Foundation:
Founded in 1994, the Angiogenesis Foundation is the world's first 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to conquering disease using a new approach based on angiogenesis, the growth of new capillary blood vessels in the body. We have identified angiogenesis as the "common denominator" in society's most feared diseases. Our focus on this underlying process of many different diseases makes our approach as a medical organization unique. The Foundation is the recognized, expert voice and champion of this new field of medicine.

Based in Cambridge, Massachusetts, the Angiogenesis Foundation's goal is to help people lead healthier, longer lives by restoring balance to blood vessel growth. Through research, education, and advocacy - with patients, physicians, researchers, industry, payers, and government - we enable patients to gain access to safe and effective treatments coming from the angiogenesis field for cancer, blinding diseases, wounds, and many other serious diseases.

As a scientific organization, the Angiogenesis Foundation is independent of any individual, institution, or commercial entity. We are committed to helping people around the world benefit from the full promise of angiogenesis-based medicine, and to make life-, limb-, and vision-saving treatments available to everyone in need.

The Angiogenesis Foundation's philosophy is that it is critical to engage and educate physicians in order for patients to fully benefit from the promise of new angiogenesis treatments. Based on our patient advocacy work, we know that an informed patient needs a knowledgeable physician in order to receive the best care. Each physician we educate transfers our impact to thousands of patients we would otherwise not be able to reach directly, a phenomenon we call the "multiplier effect".